Abandoned Turnpike near Breezewood, PA

Mon River Trail
Mon River Trail, WV
December 5, 2015
Barnum Rail-Trail
Barnum Rail-Trail, WV
January 8, 2016
Adandoned turnpike

You’ve heard of Ghost Towns, right? How about Ghost Roads? This is a gem of a secret in Pennsylvania near the border with Maryland. When the Pennsylvania Turnpike was first constructed, this section only had single lane tunnels for the dual lane highway. As the turnpike was expanded, rather than dig a new tunnel, they just rerouted the turnpike over the mountains. This unofficial trail is what is left of a section of the old Abandoned turnpike.

It is currently owned by the Southern Alleghenies Conservancy, and run by an organization called Pike2Bike.  Their website lists the status of the trails as “Officially the trail is not open. Those who ride, do so at their own risk.  Unofficially the trail is used by hundreds.”

We had a blast exploring this remote area of paved wilderness, and the tunnels were really cool–  One is a half mile long!

This DogGeo Treasure cache is hidden in a crack in a wall of rocks in a near a tunnel entrance. Happy Hunting!

After finding the Cache, take a picture with you and your dog, holding up the Cache, with the trail in the background. Geotag your picture. All iPhone’s and Android phones have this capability, just look in the configuration for the camera. Then carefully place the Cache back exactly where and how you found it, for the next treasure hunter!

The first person to follow these directions and email the picture in get’s a $50 Amazon gift card! For the next ten people, the WooFDriver will randomly pick a single name for a second $50 Amazon gift card! So, get your smart phones, grab your dog, and go find it, while having a great time with your dog!


  1. BeckyFord says:

    This evening my family, dog, and I walked to the abandoned PA turnpike near Breezewood PA. It was a beautiful fall evening and we walked halfway through the Sideling Hill Tunnel from the west end.

  2. DJR-Pup says:

    We spent the afternoon walking along the abandoned turnpike in Pennsylvania. We have ridden bicycles along the whole length but today we took the four footed DJ-Pup and RJ-Pup rather than the two wheeled ones. We parked at the lot along Oregon Road and set out on a cloudy afternoon. It was almost a mile to the tunnel and we explored some spots along the way. As we approached the tunnel, there were some boys who had skateboarded in from a different parking area. They were chatting and were friendly when we asked them if they had ever heard of geocaching. They had, and they showed us a box that had been sitting out in the open just inside the tunnel. Oh, that was just what we had been seeking. We took it and had some photo fun and then replaced it in the wall, perhaps where it belongs and perhaps not. We didn’t walk through the tunnel, but went back the other way for a few miles. On the way back to the car, it started to drizzle, so we all got a bit soggy. We saw a bicyclist, some orange spotted lizards, some caterpillars, and some deer. The adventure gave us all some good exercise.

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