Glendale Shoals – Spartanburg Area Conservancy

Edwin M. Griffin Nature Preserve
Edwin M. Griffin Nature Preserve
November 12, 2015
Glendale Shoals


The Glendale Shoals is a beautiful nature preserve just southeast of Spartanburg, SC.  it is composed of multiple areas connected together, all open to the public, owned by the Spartanburg Area Conservancy, Wofford College, and other organizations.

There are extensive trails through out the preserve, on both sides of the river.  As exciting as it is for you to find this DogGeo Cache, don’t forget about your pup!  Take you best friend and explore the trails!  That’s what this is about– getting you and your dog out and having fun together!

The green lines on the map below show the bike trails that you can hike on.  But there are many more trails to walk on.  My favorites are along both side of the river.  The south side of the river has a lot of flat rocks that are very dog friendly.  If my little dachshund can hop through, so can your pup, no matter it’s size.

As usual, don’t forget to bring a poop-bag to clean up after your dog!


This DogGeo Treasure Cache is located in the Conservancy’s area of the preserve, along the south side of the river.  You may park on the south side of the bridge, or in the lot across the river next to Wofford’s center.  It’s hidden in a crevice in the rocks along the small cliff face that goes along the river near one of the falls.

After finding the Cache, take a picture with you and your dog, holding up the Cache, with the river in the background.  Geotag your picture.  All iPhone’s and Android phones have this capability, just look in the configuration for the camera.  Then carefully place the Cache back exactly where and how you found it, for the next treasure hunter!

The first person to follow these directions and email the picture in get’s a $50 Amazon gift card!  For the next ten people, the WooFDriver will randomly pick a single name for a second $50 Amazon gift card!

So, get your smart phones, grab your dog, and go find it, while having a great time with your dog!



To load the exact DogGeo Cache location into Google Maps on your phone.  Click here!


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