Edwin M. Griffin Nature Preserve

Glendale Shoals
Glendale Shoals – Spartanburg Area Conservancy
November 12, 2015
Spruce Knob Mountain
Spruce Knob Mountain,WV
November 18, 2015
Edwin M. Griffin Nature Preserve

Edwin M. Griffin Nature Preserve is owned by the Spartanburg Area Conservancy.  it is home to the Cottonwood Trail, a meandering trail through the woods, great for walking your dog or biking.  For much of it’s way it follows Lawson’s Fork Creek, making it even more scenic  The green lines on the map below show it’s route.



The DogGeo Cache for this treasure hunt is found up against a tree, near the river on the south side.  There are two parking locations to access two different trail heads.  the link below the map will open up google maps on your phone to the primary parking location.  From there, the trail follows the river for much of the way to the DogGeo Cache.

Once you find it, first note EXACTLY where the container is.  You will need to put it back in the exact same spot for the next person to find.  Then, take a picture with you and your dog holding the container up, with the label clearly seen by the camera.  Be sure to turn on GeoTag in your phone’s camera app so we know you were actually there!  Send the picture to woofdriver@woofdriver.com . The first person to do so, wins a $50 Amazon Gift Card!  A second $50 card will be sent to one person randomly drawn from the next ten pictures to be received.

Then, go out and have fun with your dog exploring this wonderful preserve.  The trails snake all across over 5 miles!  There are wetlands with hundreds of feet of boardwalk, paths along the river, paths through the woods.  Back near the DogGeo cache there is an open meadow with picnic tables, so bring a snack for you and your pup!  And a Frisbee or ball to play with!


Click here to open the parking lot location for this treasure hunt

Click here to open the DogGeo Cache location, after you have parked.

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