Patapsco Valley State Park, Maryland

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November 22, 2015
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Patapsco Valley State Park

Patapsco Valley State Park is just outside Baltimore, Md. It is a wonderful oasis in a world of suburbia. The is an extensive trail system and with the scenic Patapsco River running through.  Here are some other great photos of the park.  This DogGeo cache is hidden along the Valley View Trail. It is an easy hike along relatively level ground. The cache is hidden in some rocks near the trail.

After finding the Cache, take a picture with you and your dog, holding up the Cache, with the trail in the background. Geotag your picture. All iPhone’s and Android phones have this capability, just look in the configuration for the camera. Then carefully place the Cache back exactly where and how you found it, for the next treasure hunter!

The first person to follow these directions and email the picture in get’s a $50 Amazon gift card! For the next ten people, the WooFDriver will randomly pick a single name for a second $50 Amazon gift card! So, get your smart phones, grab your dog, and go find it, while having a great time with your dog!

Click here to open cache location in google maps.

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