We’re in this to have fun, make memories and enjoy the journey! However, it’s important to keep these guidelines in mind so we keep things fair and safe:


Rule 1:

Have fun! Seriously, make this fun and enjoy the hunt. This is meant to be an adventure, so make it one.


Rule 2:

Document it! The beauty of technology is we can share our unique memories with the world. So post photos to social, record video, and make it an experience you can share with us, family and friends.


Rule 3:

Don’t do anything crazy. I promise, I won’t hide the treasures in the middle of a cliff, the bottom of a lake, or a spot that’s dangerous to get to. If you’re second guessing where you’re hunting, go with your gut and look somewhere else.


Rule 4:

Respect nature and don’t destroy anything. This is one of my biggest rules in life, to treat nature and wildlife how you’d like to be treated. Don’t cut down trees, mark things up or dig big holes, especially not in the middle of a path! Every treasure can be found without messing anything up.


Rule 5:

Take a buddy! We don’t want anyone getting lost in the woods, or heaven forbid hurt without some to help. I always take a friend (a human one) with me. It’s just smart. The term buddy system was coined for a reason, use it.


Rule 6:

While we’re talking about bringing friends, bring your canine buddy along with you! If you don’t have one, that’s fine. But if you do they’d love to hunt with you! This is the point of what we’re doing, to bring your beloved pet along on the adventure. Heck, I may even hide a treasure with a scent (or sound) only they can detect. It may work out to your advantage.