Do you want to Adventure like the WooFDriver, even follow in some of his footsteps? Well, he has just found a way for you and your Dog to get out there and play. It's called DogGeo and is based on the exciting Geo-caching discovery activity. Only with DogGeo this is designed for you and your Dog. WooFDriver wants to share this with you and help make it possible. He is dropping treasures on almost all of his Adventures which have prizes and rewards to help fund and motivate all to Do It with their Dog,  are you drooling yet!!

To be the first out of the gate to try and find a DogGeo Treasure a good hint is keeping up with WooFDriver. Almost every route his WooFPAK and him MUSH he will be scattering Treasures. If you haven't already please be sure to join in by liking one of his Social Media Feeds on the right menu or below on this page. Announcements of Treasure drops will be broadcast on all of these platforms.


To find out more about Bill "WooFDriver" Helman please visit his Bio Website by clicking here