You can also follow the pictures illustrated on the post and attempt to find it on the trail. The description of the location and hints to help you find it are also listed within the post.


While searching take a moment to enjoy everything that is surrounding you. There are so many places around us that we just need to take a moment and appreciate the great wonders of the wilderness.


After finding the Cache, take a picture with you and your dog, holding up the Cache, with the trail in the background. Geotag your picture. All iPhone’s and Android phones have this capability, just look in the configuration for the camera. Then carefully place the Cache back exactly where and how you found it, for the next treasure hunter!


The first person to follow these directions and email the picture in gets a $50 Amazon gift card! For the next ten people, the WooFDriver will randomly pick a single name for a second $50 Amazon gift card! So, get your smart phones, grab your dog, and go find it, while having a great time with your dog!