Fun Things to Do with Dogs: Treasure Hunting!

DogGeo (pronounced Doogy-O) is a Treasure Hunt through many of the places the WooFDriver or his team visits! He wants to so share his excitement, adventures, and most importantly encourage others with new ideas and ways to get out there and have FUN with their Dog(s). In his quest to inspire he has created DogGeo.

DogGeo provides you and your Dog coordinates and clues of particular areas that the WooFDriver and/or his team has visited and wants all to experience. In fact you can find many pictures, videos, and even historical facts and links about these most incredible trails on his WooFDriver Inspired Website.

In decadent WooFDriver style he cranks this whole thing up!! He actually will hide  Treasures at these locations, WHOA!! He than will provide exact locations that you can find this treasure! Some of these treasure troves will be announced what they are and some will be mysteries.

Some even more interesting tidbits include that the quicker a Treasure is discovered the bigger the pot of gold will be worth! Also additional Treasures can be earned when you post a picture of you and your best friend (your canine companion) with you at the treasure site!

There are some extremely valuable treasures that will be available but most importantly this is an activity you and your Dog can share in because every Treasure location is Dog friendly as WooFDriver has already scoped it out for your safety and compliance.

Please stay in touch with WooFDriver through his network of websites to get in on all this most incredible FUN!! Most importantly to be included on this Treasure Quest please like WooFDriver on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram as many clues and Treasure information will be revealed there!

WooFDriver is all about promoting a healthy lifestyle for not only Dogs but People as well!! You will be amazed and floored when you realize the passion, excitement, and joy that reverberates daily through his love of Dogs and sense of Adventure. Please Join In NOW to be part of this most AWESOME Journey!!



Doggy Treasure Hunt Guide!

Simply put, I hide the treasure and you go find it! I’ll give you clues and a rough idea of where the treasure may be hidden. You then have 1 week to find it before the value drops. That said, there are a few steps we should all follow to keep things fair:

Step 1:

Sign up and commit to finding the treasure here on the website! I’ll then email you a list of clues and timeline to help you on your adventure.

Step 2:

Gear up, find a buddy and go on the hunt! As mentioned previously, the hunt is timed. The longer the treasure awaits being discovered, the lower the value gets. So it’s best to get hunting sooner than later!

Step 3:

Go on the hunt! My clues will guide you along the way, and you can even send me questions via Facebook or Instagram where I may answer them to get you even closer.

Step 4:

When you find the treasure, post it in the comments section of the appropriate DogGeo page on this site. We’ll then be in touch and I’ll send you your winnings! (I would just include them in the box, but we don’t want some random person accidently stumbling on your treasure and keeping it now would we?)

Step 5:

Stay tuned for more dog treasure hunts! We’re going to do these as often as possible, so you have endless opportunities to win big.


That’s right, we’re hiding treasures. Treasures that you and your canine companion(s) will enjoy. Every treasure hunt will have a different hidden gem, and you’re not going to know what they are until they’re found! That said, I promise you they’ll be of value. Anywhere from 25.00 to treasures worth hundreds of dollars!!  A few examples of possible treasures you can find:

  • $50 Amazon Gift Card

  • Gold, Real Gold

  • Goodies For Your Dog 

  • Cash (Ranging from $100+)

  • Voucher for  Flat Screen TVs

  • Anything else we can dream up!!